I wasn’t even entirely sure that I was going to put down the time I spent with my student until I realized I needed... As Myanmar is a former British colony that is ethnically diverse with a hundred thirty-five legally registered ethnic groups and has little-known resources such as jade, it has potential to prosper; however, overshadowing the potential, the corruption has been rampant in the politics and economy,... Community Service and Inequality I visited an animal shelter for my community service. If you’re looking for ways to help others, doing community service is the way to go. 2020 © gradesfixer.com. Home — Essay Samples — Life — Work — Community Service. From addressing hunger and food insecurity to donating 9,600 backpacks of food to children and their families, I enjoyed every moment of volunteering at United Way. Many people will agree with me about the community service matter. The time that I spent tutoring however, was and still is very different from my experience as a temporary ramp-stain applicator. I gained an opportunity to share my talents and positive qualities with a younger generation so that I could spark their interest in becoming an asset to the community, and to me, getting this opportunity is absolutely priceless. My mother is the head of our local Girl Scout council, the Howard/Suamico Pulaski service unit, and so she often takes over troops of elementary girls when no other moms will volunteer to be a leader. It has been suggested that students should be required to complete community service hours in order to be accepted into colleges and universities. Nothing else could match the glorious feeling I got from making a difference in the lives of these children. When thinking of the real meaning of community service, two very important terms come to mind: learning and giving. While there is great value in this style of learning, my community service work has taught me the many benefits of learning not only from professors, but also from fellow classmates, partners in the community, and individuals at volunteer sites, regardless of their age or educational background. All rights reserved Gradesfixer ™. When I say no, they wonder why I do it. Many think that community service is just something you are forced to do for school. Historically when I’ve done any sort of volunteer work it has been sort of half-assed... You could be doing anything right now. Even though community service is designed to help others, I often felt as if I benefited more than the people that I helped on many different levels; mentally, spiritually, and characteristically. One of my complaints is about people who complain! To me, community service is a way of giving back. Do not be afraid though, as you can do it with ease if you know the secrets of composing proper outline: namely introduction and conclusion. Some people, like those in the military, do it because it is required of them by the government as part of the citizenship requirement. However, the whole ordeal became a lesson about responsibility and flexibility for me. Even though I have participated in many service projects over the last few years, I failed to really immerse myself into the true meaning of helping others. If not yet, then probably you will, as Community Service essays are very common papers, which lecturers give to students all over the world. Students who find writing to be a difficult task. You could be reviewing your manager’s quarterly report. By continuing we’ll assume you board with our cookie policy. Caesarian was the split decision made to save my baby. In my personal opinion I think that for some teens and kids that attend high school community service should be a requirement for. It stated that I was a volunteer at the County Memorial Hospital. Many times, the lack of communication between service agencies impede the achievement of intended goals for children and... “The Doctor said the placenta was detached which caused the baby to be in a pool of blood, suffocating! Whether I am walking dogs, feeding cats, or entertaining birds, I feel radiant when I am around animals. Community service is often confused with volunteering, but while the latter is always performed voluntarily, the former can be performed for a variety of reasons such as a class requirement for high school graduation, gaining citizenship, as an alternative to imprisonment, to gain membership of certain organizations and in order to be eligible to receive certain benefits. Having trouble finding the perfect essay? 123Helpme.com. There are several reasons behind this:... Nowadays, many people have to learn as many skills as they can, so that they can get the jobs that they find interesting. Continual pressure and stress concerning my academics, my college applications, and my future heavily burdened me.

All rights reserved. For instance, one of my junior high companions biked across the country to raise money to combat poverty and hunger. Among my numerous commitments to community service, these programs impacted my character in a positive manner and allowed me to feel proud of my accomplishments.

Or would you like to join this activity? Although there is valid reasoning behind this it isn’t necessary to force everyone into community service. Hearing this, I thanked the doctor and God for saving my son.

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